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Experience Growth Through Insight with MES Group

Strategic Investment Philosophy

An enabler of financial prosperity and security through calculated, insightful investments in diversified markets.

High-level strategic insight guides investment decisions, leading to market leadership and long-term, sustainable growth.

Empowering businesses with the capital and strategic guidance necessary to navigate and succeed in today's dynamic market landscape.

Who we are

The MES Group, established in 1977, is a regional long-term investor specializing in property investment and management. Renowned as a leading player in the logistics and real estate industry, we excel in managing diversified real estate portfolios. As a Singapore real estate investment trust and investment holding company, we leverage our expertise to deliver sustainable growth and value to our stakeholders.



MES is a regional long-term investor established in 1997 to manage various Asset.


Years of Experience


Assets Under Management


Regional Offices








Headquarters - Singapore

⁠In Singapore, MES has developed FOUR dormitories housing about 24,000 guest workers spanning the Petrochemical, manufacturing, marine, construction, and other process industries.

Foreign Workforce Accommodations (Singapore)

The integrated logistics division provides efficient, customized door-to-door solutions across commercial transportation and warehousing services. MES has developed two logistics hubs in the heart of the Jurong industrial region.

Logistics & Warehouse Facilities & Services (Singapore)

The Group has interest in hospitality developments across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan and Australia.


B1 and B2 Spaces Located Across Singapore

Commercial Real Estate

Our Investments

Market Positioning & Influence

We pride ourselves on our unparalleled market foresight and our ability to identify future economic trends and investment opportunities before others do.

Cementing MES Group's reputation as not just a symbol of investment acumen, but also as a beacon of thought leadership. Through our innovative approaches, we influence industries and shape investment standards.

We offer a digital representation of MES Group for businesses seeking investors, showcasing our capabilities and investment opportunities.

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